Basic Switches

BZ Series
BZ Series
Basic Switch Standard


Wide range of types
Standard type
Sealed type (rain-proof structure)
High sensitivity (small Movement Defferential)
Reverse action lever type (effective when there is impact operation)
Split contact type (Can switch two independent circuits).
A wide range of actuators is available. Select the actuator according to your applications and conditions of use.
Mechanical life: 20 million cycles (on pin plunger type)
EN60947-5-1 (IEC 947-5-1) compatible types available

Type Standard, sealed High sensitivity Low current load
Representative catalog listing BZ-2R-T4-J BZ-R-T4-J BZ-2R-T4-JK
External standard Conformed standards JIS C 4505
Approved standards UL/CSA -
Structure Contact type Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT)
Contact shape Rivet Cross point
Contact material Pure silver Gold alloy
Terminal shape Soldered terminal, M4 screw terminal Soldered terminal, M4 screw terminal
Electrical rating See Tables BZ.1, BZ.2
Electrical characteristics Dielectric strength Between non-continuous terminals 1,000V 600V Refer to respective type.
Between each terminal and non-conducting metal part 2,000V 1,250V
Between each terminal and ground 2,000V 1,250V
Insulation resistance Min. 100M (by a 500Vdc megger)
Initial contact resistance Max. 15m 50m
Temperature rise 30C 50C
Inrush current N.C.: 250Vac-30A, N.O.: 250Vac-15A -
Mechanical characteristics Actuator strength Withstand load 10 times O.F. (operating direction) for 1 minute
Terminal strength Soldered terminal: Withstand tensile load of 23N for 1 minute
M4 screw terminal: Withstand tightening strength of 1.2N-m for 1 minute
M3 screw terminal: Withstand tightening strength of 0.8N-m for 1 minute
Impact resistance*2 300m/s2*1 200m/s2*1 Refer to each type.
Vibration resistance*2 1.5mm peak-to-peak amplitude, frequency 10 to 55Hz, for 2 continuous hours*1
Allowable operating speed 0.01mm/s to 0.3m/s*1 0.01mm/s to 0.3m/s*1
Operating cycle Max. 240 cycles/minutes
Life Mechanical life Min. 20 million cycles, operating frequency 60 cycles/minute*1 Min. 20 million cycles*1 operating frequency 60 cycles/minute
Electrical life 250Vac-15A resistive load, min. 500,000 cycles Min. 125Vac-0.1A resistive load, 20 million cycles
Environmental characteristics Operating temperature range -20 to +70C (sealed type:-15 to +70C)
Operating humidity range Max. 85%RH
Mounting Recommended tightening torque 1.3 to 1.7Nm (M4 screw)
Insulation Use an isolator when mounting.
*1 indicates value in above representative catalog listing. Unmarked items are values common to all models in the series.
*2 indicates that the contact distance at the free position and final overtravel position is 1 ms or less.


Table 1. Electrical rating

Series BZ-2R BZ-R Low current load type BZ
UL/CSA rating,
125, 250, 480Vac-15A,
UL/CSA rating,
125, 250, 480Vac-15A

Table BZ. 2 Electrical duty 1
Table BZ. 2 Electrical duty 1