Yamatake Basic Switches

BZ Series (Basic Switch Standard)

BZ Series
Basic Switch Standard
Reverse Action, Sealed, 2 Circuit Available
Low Cost
Mechanical Life: 20 million cycles
Many Varieties of Actuation
UL/CSA Approvals
BA/BE Series (High Current Capacity) BA/BE Series
High Current Capacity
20 or 25 Amp Ratings
Wide Range of Actuators
Auxiliary Actuators Available
UL/CSA Approvals
V-3000 Series (Miniature Basic Switches) V-3000 Series
Miniature Basic Switches
Excellent Tracking Distance
Creeping Distance 4mm
Operating Temp Range 20 to 120 Degrees C
Heat Hardened Resin Cover and Case
Fire Resistant Materials
V-5000 Series (Miniature General Purpose) V-5000 Series
Miniature General Purpose
Wide Range of Models
UL/CSA/VDE Approvals
High Precision
10 Million Cycles or More
Creeping Distance 4mm
SSM Series (Ultra Miniature) SSM Series
Ultra Miniature
Mechanical Life of 30 Million Cycles or More
Excellent Solder Heat Resistance
Heat Hardened Resin Case
3 Terminal Shape Types Available